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The inspiration for this EP came during lockdown in the UK, I started going through all the ideas I had on my phone and developing the ones that I thought had the most potential. 


I’m really proud of this EP, because it’s the first time I’ve actually tailored a project together, so I get to express my ideas exactly how it’s on my mind.

I want when people listen, to feel inspired, uplifted and hopeful. I put a lot of love into my music, all of my soul goes into it, because I know how powerful music can be, it’s like a medicine. If you’re having a bad day, put on some positive music, I guarantee you, it’ll switch your mood. My music, to me, feels like being on a beach durning sunset time, so if that’s your vibe, go take a listen.



“HOME” is  my very first EP release inspired by Trinidad and Tobago and an introduction to the new generation of young creatives that are emerging from it. 


The EP is a combination of Appreciation, Reflection and Hope for Change which makes it really important to me as it’s an opportunity for me to talk about issues we face honestly and openly.


I want to introduce people to the beauty of Trinidad outside of Carnival which we are famous for, but I also want to highlight the corruption, hardships and closed mindsets that are still educating the future generation in a way that doesn’t promote equality or diversity.


“HOME” is about being inclusive and welcoming, always feeling like you belong and supporting each other, home is not a building but a state of mind and togetherness.


I have a good opportunity to speak to people though music, and after my accident I feel its also my responsibility. 


Past Releases

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